HSET Services


HSET Services in mining, o​il and gas

Allstate Resources is a locally owned WA company that provides experienced health, safety, environment & training (HSET) personnel for temporary or fixed term coverage, including emergency services personnel. We provide competitive charge rates while providing industry leading pay rates to our personnel, so we know you are getting the best quality people who provide the best quality work.  Plus, all our personnel come with full access to our services and support 24/7, should they require additional assistance. 

In addition, we provide a wide range of HSET support services relevant to underground, surface, and production mine site operations, helping to optimise your workplace health and safety commitments. Whether it be statutory reporting, auditing, or the creation of a range of safe working procedures and management plans, we will work closely with you to ensure full collaboration and site-specific results.  


Committed to providing honest and exceptional service.


Sourcing the perfect candidate, every time, we won’t let you down.


Our industry specific knowledge gives us the edge over competitors.


Strict adherence to compliance creates incident-free workplaces.


Built on the foundations of honesty, integrity and professionalism.


Provision of the highest standards of service, every time.

HSET and Emergency Response Professional Placements

Allstate Resources provide experienced and certified personnel for short or long-term placements on site.

  • HSET Advisors,
  • Safety, Environment and Training Advisors.
  • Emergency Services & Medical personnel.
  • Confined Space Sentry’s and Security personnel.

Safety Management Plan

Develop and implement a site-specific Safety Management Plan and relevant ancillary documents to provide clear and straightforward safety support processes on site. 

  • Permit to Work system.
  • Traffic and Journey Management plans.
  • Inclement Weather Management Plan.
  • Health & Safety Policy
  • Training & Induction management

Environment Management Plan

Develop and implement a site-specific Environment Management Plan and relevant ancillary documents that support best-practice environmental risk mitigation and controls.

  • Hydrocarbon and Waste Management plans.
  • Hazardous Substance Management Plan and Register.
  • Bio-security Management Plan.
  • Environment and Sustainability policies.
  • Environment management audits in line with ISO 14001:2015 and Environmental Protection Act 1986.

Health & Hygiene Management

Development, approval, and implementation to manage site specific health and hygiene hazards at all stages of operation.

  • Dust, Noise & Potable Water routine sampling, and reporting by a certified Hygiene Officer.
  • Dust Management Plan.
  • Noise & Vibration Management Plan.
  • Health & Hygiene Risk Management Plan & Risk Assessment.
  • Infectious Diseases Management Plan.

Emergency Preparedness 

Development and implementation of site-specific emergency management plans and procedures that provides clear and effective guidelines and responses for emergencies on site. 

  • Development and implementation of site-specific emergency management plans and procedures that provides clear and effective guidelines and responses for emergencies on site. 
  • Auditing as per Mines Safety and Inspection Regulations1995 or Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Resources (Environment) Regulations 2012.
  • Incident Management Plan & Emergency Response Procedure.
  • Fitness for Work Management Plan and Policy.
  • Confined Space Entry and Gas Monitoring Management Plans.
  • Working at Hights Management Plan.
  • Injury Management Policy.

HSET Auditing and Inspections 

Site wide or area specific auditing and inspections, in line with current management systems and relevant legislation.

  • Fire Extinguisher & Hose Reel inspections, testing and tagging.
  • Area auditing, inspections & risk assessments.
  • ISO 14001 or ISO 45001Management Systems audit. 

Statutory Reporting & Approvals 

Comprehensive support for all HSE reporting requirements, including management, and online or written submission / approvals. 

  • Annual Environmental License reporting.
  • Works approval and licensing process, under Part V of the Environmental Protection Act 1986.
  • ICAM Incident investigations and reporting.
  • Monthly and Routine Reporting Procedure (DMIRS – SRS or EARS / DWER / DoH).
  • Compliance and Obligations Register